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Meet LOL Founder Faye in this short 5 minute introduction to meditation. A former British Army Captain and Master Meditation Teacher; Faye blends real life leadership techniques with mindset meditation practices to in order to propel others into their highest potential in life. 

Meet LOL Founder Faye in this quick 5 minute introduction to meditation tutorial.
Our Teachers

Faye Livesey is an award-winning children’s mindfulness author, 

meditation teacher trainer and EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence coach. Formerly a British Army Captain, Faye brings a wealth of real life leadership experience to all of her mind mastery classes for both kids and adults. Join Faye for her live weekly reiki recharge, tension release meditation or her morning mindset matters meditation plus much more all as part of the ADULT $22 MEMBERSHIP -or- Perhaps you have kids at home and want to add to their emotional education in a play based way. Faye teaches Spirit Animal Story Yoga, Fairy Magic Mindfulness and Superhero Training Classes all as part of the FAMILY $33 MEMBERSHIP. You can also take a deeper dive into self mastery with Faye by undertaking the 'Captain of Your Own Destiny' Mind Mastery Activation Series or booking a one-to-one virtual coaching session. *coaching appointments have a 3 month waitlist.

Dr Benjamin Lee graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine in 2006. Following almost a decade of vocational training in Internal Medicine, he was elected to the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians MRCP(UK). His career progressed into the highly competitive field of Dermatology where he specialized in skin allergies for children and adults. As a full-time clinical dermatologist, Dr Ben has been awarded an honorary role by the University of Surrey, where he gives lectures and sets assessments for the Faculty of Medical Science.

More about Dr Ben here

A born seeker, Cyndi was always on the lookout for ways to develop and enhance growth in her life. Her first encounter with understanding meditation and living in the present moment was presented to her by an Emily Dickinson poem, "Forever – is composed of Nows –” while she was a teenager. As a certified meditation teacher and reiki master, Cyndi’s passion is to help others create a space of compassion, emotional intelligence, loving kindness, and vibrational healing. She is inspired by building and connecting relationships and creating strong foundations of self-love.

Katie Hutsel is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and has a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Saint Louis University. She spent 12 years in the event management industry before the long hours and grueling workweeks caused burn out to set in. She rediscovered meditation and realized her true purpose in life is helping others to find mindfulness. Katie now facilitates life transformation, guiding those with whom she works thorough the process of unlocking their full potential through meditation and mindset work.

Melanie Soloway is the Founder and Director of Raising Enlightened Children and the Parent Educator for the Summit Center. She has taught parenting for more than 15 years and is the mother of three teenagers.  Melanie believes that learning positive parenting tools, and how to apply them, creates loving relationships for life. Previously, Melanie was a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County. raisingenlightenedchildren.com

Kate Willson is our yoga powerhouse. She is the former director of Exhale Venice, part of a national boutique fitness brand that operated a Venice Beach yoga mecca for over a decade. She has completed 500 hours of Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW yoga training, and has also trained with Shiva Rea, Aaron Reed, Kate Duyn Cariati, and Mary Dana Abbott, in vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and pranayama. She is Barre certified and teaches other fitness modalities including high intensity interval training, cardio and sculpt.

Steven is a proud father and wellness adventurer amassing a vast knowledge of the human body with his experiences as a fitness trainer, collegiate athlete, mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. He has trained with legends such as Rickson Gracie and former UFC world heavy weight champion Fabricio Werdum. Steven’s vitality and upbeat personality beams through his classes as he leads you on a journey to your fitness goals.

Astrid Pinel is our muse and certified meditation teacher. Based in Honduras, she is an experienced storyteller, animator and illustrator who brings meditation to life with her colorful and deeply meaningful animated children’s meditations. Multi-talented Astrid has worked directly with Little Lessons of Light founder Faye for the past 3 years bringing Magic Meditation Master, Fezzy The Magical Fox™ to life for children all over the world.

Lida Khanverdi is our UK based life coach. Having spent the past 15 years working as a lawyer at both national and international law firms, and witnessing people get run-down, feel purposeless and wonder, “how did I even get here”, Lida knew her true calling had yet to be answered. Stepping into the life coaching arena was a natural progression and now, alongside being a lawyer, Lida focuses her attention on helping others to live a life more aligned with their true path of purpose. Lida helps people who are ready to make a change in their life or career to move past their barriers and embrace a feeling of self-worth through recognition of their gifts. Her clients achieve their personal, professional and well-being goals whilst gaining an understanding that when combined the result is living a full life which is fulfilled and not just jam packed full. 

Katie is a Core Power Certified Yoga Teacher. She specializes in athletic vinyasa flow.

Lucy is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, plant based Chef and long time yogini. Some might consider her a kitchen witch whose magic includes creating meals that are as nutrient dense as they are delicious. She specifically enjoys re-imagining childhood comfort foods into their healthiest, organic and plant based versions. Lucy is a true believer that what we choose to put on our plates should be nourishing, energizing, healing AND a delight for the tastebuds. She finds sacred purpose in educating minds and elevating spirits on just how appetizing it can be to truly nourish our bodies. Introducing both children and adults alike to the delectable world of plant based, nutrient rich cooking brings her boundless amounts of joy. You can join Lucy here online to cook along live Tuesdays at 5.30pm PST. She uses your suggestions of childhood comfort food classics to reimagine our fave dishes in a delicious, densely nutritious plant based, superfood way. 

Narc Narcisse is our expert Math and Science Tutor. He has been in the professional education field since 2004, first teaching at two private institutions in the West LA area, then middle school French and high school Physics at Brentwood School and also Physics and Chemistry at Milken Community High School. Over the years Narc has tutored hundreds of students in Physics (regular, honors, and AP level), Chemistry (Regular and honors), and Math (from 1st grade level all the way to AP Calculus).

Connie Clotworthy is a certified Vipassana Meditation teacher and is also certified in Difficult Emotions and Mindful Communications. Connie is also Co-Founder of Worthy Beyond Purpose, a non-profit organization that teaches mindfulness and meditation to children, teachers, and communities.

Jimmy Murn is a certified Meditation Teacher living in Marina del Rey, California.  He has taught mindfulness, life skills, creative free play, and sports in the West LA Charter school community since 2015, specializing in social-emotional care.  Jimmy has been meditating for 21 years.  He also sings, songwriters, acts, and tries to make his family laugh everyday.  


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